Safety and Environmental Series “The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015”

The aim of this course is to explain the requirements of CDM 2015. It is for all persons involved with major construction projects.

Course Modules:

Introduction(10 mins) – Describes the background to CDM 2015 and outlines the main duties imposed by the Regulations.

Clients(5 mins) – Explains the duties of clients.

The CDM Co-ordinator(5 mins) – Explains the duties of the CDM Co-ordinator.

Designers(10 mins) – Explains the duties of designers.

The Principal Contractor(10 mins) – Explains the duties of the principal contractor.

Contractors(5 mins) – Explains the duties of contractors.

Competence & Training(10 mins) – Deals with the requirement for all persons to be competent and trained.

Worker Engagement(10 mins) – Describes the benefits of participation by all involved in the construction project.

The Health & Safety File(5 mins) – Covers the duty to prepare a health and safety file.

Self Test (20 mins) – 40 questions covering each of the previous 9 modules. Results are stored for later retrieval by training supervisors.

The total time for the course is 1 hour and 30 minutes, including the test.

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