Environmental Management

Site environment management online training explains the key environmental issues facing all businesses.

Who will benefit from this course:
Employers, employees and particularly persons responsible for site environmental issues or site environment management.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction – (10 mins)
    Considers the damage caused by environmental pollution, focusing on the greenhouse effect and the destruction of the ozone layer.
  • Legislation Overview – (20 mins)
    Deals with the main provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Environment Act 1995 and the work of the Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency.
  • Chemical Storage, Handling and Disposal – (10 mins)
    Considers how damage to the environment can be prevented by the correct handling, storage and disposal of chemicals.
  • Energy & The Environment – (5 mins)
    Examines the impact of energy use on the environment and describes how even small actions by individuals can add up to significant benefits.
  • Benefits From Good Environmental Management – (5 mins)
    Explains how waste reduction and recycling can benefit the environment and result in improved health and safety standards as well as significant cost savings.
  • Self Test – (10 mins)

The average course completion time is:
one hour.

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