Working with Display Screen Equipment DSE

The Working with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) online training course aims to provide computer and users of display screen equipment with information and advice about their workstation and to reduce the risk of postural problems, visual fatigue and mental stress.

Who will benefit from this course:
All employees who habitually use display screen equipment as a significant part of their normal work.

Every employer is required to perform an analysis of each workstation in order to assess risks to health and safety.

A useful way to gather information about workstations is by means of a checklist completed by the user.

This course includes a full checklist, the data is collected as the trainee progresses through the course. It is stored for retrieval and analysis by the responsible person.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction. Requirements of the DSE regulations.
  • Questions and Answers relating to computer health and safety.
  • Putting Ergonomics to Good Use. Interaction of humans with a workstation.
  • Exercises for DSE Users. To relieve body stress at the workstation.
  • Workstation Assessment. Fulfils regulation demand to conduct a survey.
  • Self Test. Results are stored for later retrieval by training supervisor.

The average course completion time is:
30 minutes.

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