Working Safely with Flammable Liquids and Powders

To explain the hazards of working with flammable liquids and powders.

Who will benefit from this course:
Employers, managers and employees whose work brings them into contact with flammable liquids and/or powders.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction – (10 mins)
  • Introduces the dangers of flammable liquids and powders.
  • Understanding the Risks – (10 mins)
  • Explains the term ‘flash-point’ and introduces the three components of the fire triangle (fuel, heat and oxygen).
  • Removing Danger – (10 mins)
  • Considers the measures which should be taken to prevent the release of flammable vapours.
  • Sources of Ignition – (15 mins)
  • Looks at the five main sources of ignition: static electricity, sparks from electrical equipment, fire, heat, and sparks from ferrous tools.
  • Your Responsibilities – (10 mins)
  • Considers the correct working procedures to be followed by everyone involved with flammable liquids and powders.
  • Self Test – (15 mins)
    23 questions covering each of the previous modules. Results are stored for later retrieval by training supervisors

The average course completion time is:
1ΒΌ hours.

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