Management of Health and Safety at Work

To explain the requirements of the “Management of H&S at Work Regulations 1999” and encourages a more systematic approach to health and safety management in line with HSG65 (HSE Guidance Note HSG65).

Who will benefit from this course:
Employers, particularly those responsible for the management of health and safety, managers and other H&S professionals.

Course Modules:

  • European Overview
  • Risk Assessment (Reg. 3) Outlines the general principles of risk assessment.
  • Principles of Prevention (Reg. 4) Considers the principles of prevention.
  • Health and Safety Arrangements (Reg. 5) H&S arrangements which employers must adopt incl. organisation, control and monitoring and review.
  • Health Surveillance (Reg. 6) Explains when health surveillance should be considered.
  • Health and Safety Assistance (Reg. 7) Competent persons to assist with the implementation of health and safety measures
  • Procedures for Serious and Imminent Danger (Reg. 8) E.g. Fire procedures
  • Contacts with External Services (Reg. 9)
  • Information for Employees (Reg. 10) Provision of health and safety information to all employees.
  • Co-operation and Co-ordination (Reg. 11) With other employers sharing premises
  • Persons Working In Host Employers’ Undertaking (Reg. 12) Provision of information to other employers and employees.
  • Capabilities and Training Reg. 13) Provision of health and safety training for all employees.
    Employees’ Duties (Reg. 14) Outlines employees’ duties.
  • Temporary Workers (Reg. 15) Information provision to temporary workers and their employers.
  • New or Expectant Mothers (Reg. 16,17,18) Risk assessment for women of child bearing age.
  • Protection of Young Persons (Reg. 19) Evaluate the risks to the health and safety of young persons.
  • Self Test 22 questions covering Regulations 3 to 15 of the Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1999.

The average course completion time is:
three hours.

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