Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR)

The dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres training course aims to explain the requirements of the dangerous substances regulations (DSEAR 2002).

Who will benefit from this course:
Managers and employees who are required to work on a site which contains a classified hazardous area(s).

Level 1 – employees not expected to work in such areas.
Level 2 – employees expected to work in such areas.

Course Modules:
The course contains 9 modules. The timings show Level 1/Level 2 module times.
Introduction (4 mins/5mins) – Introduces the main requirements of DSEAR.

  • Risk Assessment (3 mins/7mins) – Considers the essential components of a DSEAR risk assessment.
  • Control Measures (2 mins/6mins) – The control and mitigation measures to be applied.
  • Explosive Atmospheres (2 mins/4mins) – What to do with areas where a hazardous explosive atmosphere may occur.
  • Hazard Zones (4 mins/10 mins) – Explains hazardous area classification, also the 3 gas groups and 6 temperature classes.
  • Equipment & Protective Systems (2 mins/3 mins) – Examines equipment suitable for use within classified hazardous areas.
  • Accidents, Incidents & Emergencies (2 mins/3 mins) – Looks at the emergency arrangements to be established.
  • Information, Instruction & Training (1 mins/2 mins) – Considers the training requirements of DSEAR.
  • Self Test (5 mins/10 mins) – The self-test presents 10 questions at Level 1 and 20 questions at Level 2.
    Results are stored for later retrieval by training supervisors

The total time for the course is:
25 minutes at Level 1
50 minutes at Level 2

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