Welding Safety

To explain the hazards associated with welding and safe working practices recommended for all welding tasks.

Who will benefit from this course:
Welders and employees whose work exposes them to welding tasks.

Course Modules:

  • Fire Safety – (25 mins) Fire risks, the controls and precautions necessary to ensure personal and work place safety.
  • Fumes And Gases – (15 mins) Hazards of fume and gases encountered during welding operations. First aid for fume and gas inhalation.
  • Personal Safety – (15 mins) Personal protective equipment and other hazard prevention techniques.
  • Safety In Work Areas – (15 mins) Safe handling and storage of gas cylinders. Other hazards e.g. welding in confined spaces.
  • The Safe Use Of Equipment – (15 mins) Maintenance and handling of welding equipment.
  • Self Test – (15 mins)
    Twenty questions to test the student’s understanding of the course. Results are stored for later retrieval by training supervisors.

The average course completion time is:
100 minutes.

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