Fire Safety

The fire safety online training module provides basic fire safety training.

Who will benefit from this course:
All employees, particularly inductees to understand fire safety at work.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction (5 mins) – Why fire safety training is important.
  • Legislation Overview (5 mins) – A review of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.
  • What is Fire? (15 mins) – The chemistry and characteristics of fire.
  • Growth & Spread of Fire (10 mins) – How fires spread by convection, radiation and conduction.
  • Fire Risk Assessment (10 mins) – Describes the 5 key stages in a Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Causes of Fire (20 mins) – The common causes of fire and how to avoid them.
  • Fire Extinguishers (15 mins) – The five major classes of fires and the different fire extinguishers which should be used to fight them.
  • What to do in case of Fire (10 mins) – The steps to take when a fire is detected.
  • Self Test (15 mins) – The self-test presents 25 questions covering modules 1 to 8.
    Results are stored for later retrieval by training supervisors

The average course completion time is:
1¾ hours

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